The goal of SAS School of Dance is to teach the beautiful art of classical ballet and contemporary dance. This is a unique school in which students study ballet following the Russian Vaganova method. This method consists of a succession of exercises executed at barre and centre, all of which have a basis in Plié and Battement Tendu. Once these two exercises are learned, they become the building blocks upon which all other exercises are learned. Another fundamental step in a ballet dancer’s career is to develop strong leg muscles and a strong Cou-de-Piéd. This ‘curve of the foot’ is necessary in order for a student to stand on Pointe. It is also very important that a student is physically and mentally ready to master this skill. Students begin Pointe at 9-11 years old.

The relationship between the teacher, parent, must be a positive one. The parent and the student must have complete confidence in the teacher whose only interest is for the child to achieve his goal of becoming a good dancer. Parents should send their children to ballet school at the request of the child, not at the desire of the parent. This is the only way the child will dedicate himself to dance. In our school, all students are treated equally.

All ballet exercises are taught in their original language of French and then translated into English. Students learn an appreciation of classical music along with an understanding of musical counting and arrangement. In addition to these benefits, students learn coordination, grace, and discipline.

At SAS School of Dance, students are promoted based upon ability, not age. Students do not need to wait until the end of the school year to be promoted. As soon as a student has completed the requirements for his level, he will be recommended for advancement. This decision is left up to the discretion of the director.

SAS School of Dance welcomes students ages 3 to adult. Sas has an open enrollment program where students can enroll anytime throughout the year. Classes are held during the school year and through the summer months. For additional information about class schedules and fees, please visit our website, call 203-312-0579, email, or stop by the school any evening of the week: New Fairfield Commons, 11 Route 37, #3, New Fairfield, CT 06812.