Competition Team Tryouts:

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
Two sessions: 5:00 PM & 7:00 PM

We will do barre and centre exercises. Then we will ask each dancer to
show us a short choreography (1 minute or less), that they prepared for this event.
This choreography is optional. Please remember to bring your music!


Training for Young Dance Stars to participate in
Regional, National, and International Competitions.


Celebration Talent, Step Up 2 Dance, Elite, Showstopper,
Take Center Stage, Ticket To Broadway, Turn It Up,
That’s Entertainment, International Dance Challenge, and More!

Our competition teams are geared towards the more serious dancer who chooses dance as
her (his) primary activity. Focus, dedication, technique and positive attitude are necessary.
Acceptance into this program is by audition or by placement from the Director.

Competitions are held in the spring (February thru April).
The teams compete at 2-4 competitions per season.
Locations will be announced. We compete within the CT, Westchester, and NYC areas.

Required Classes and Rehearsals for Competition Team Participation:
Highly Recommended Summer Classes: July Ballet Classes.
Required Summer Classes: Ballet Combo Week AND Competition Boot Camp Week, both in August.
Required Fall/Spring Classes: 2 Ballet Classes weekly and Competition Team class(es).
Optional Classes: Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Pointe.
(If you plan to perform in any of these dance genres, then that class is mandatory).

Costs: Required costs for classes, Costume purchase(s) for competitions,
Competition venue fee(s), Competition team warm-up suit and dance bag.


Connecticut (CT) Classic, Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)

Competing in these events is geared towards the more advanced ballet dancer. It requires a strong
knowledge of ballet, where hard work, dedication and perseverance are necessary. Personalized coaching/private
training is required for these competitions. Participation in CT Classic and YAGP is appointed by the Director.

Private lessons for these competitions begin in the Fall, and are taught by the director.
These competitions are held in the spring. Dates and times to be announced.

Required Classes and Rehearsals for CT Classic and YAGP Competition Participation:
Required Summer Classes: July Ballet Classes and BOTH August Dance Weeks.
Required Fall/Spring Classes: 2 Ballet Classes (minimium) and 1 Pointe Class weeekly. Private Training Classes.

Costs: Required costs for classes,
Costume purchase(s) for competitions, Competition venue fee(s).


For more information about this amazing program, please speak to the Director.